Home Staging SolutionsThe goal of Home Staging is to create mass appeal, a quick sale, and top dollar.  Statistics show that staged homes generate more foot traffic, higher offers, and less days on the market.  But, should EVERY house be staged?

No … Home Staging will not produce the desired results if the seller:

  insists that the house be sold “as is”.  Home staging is not an alternative to necessary repairs.

  demands an unreasonable asking price. Home staging cannot overcome a poorly priced product.

YES! Home Staging can deliver a quick sale at top dollar IF:

♦   the seller understands that “as is” may cause price erosion.  Repairs are not optional, but simple transformations can improve the presentation of their property without a big price tag.  A good Home Stager will never recommend improvements that don’t have a good return on investment.

  the house is vacant.  Home staging provides a solid frame of reference for buyers and an emotional connection that this house could be their home.

  the seller lets their Realtor set a comparable-supported asking price.  In this seller’s market, properly priced, staged homes have actually started bidding wars.

♦  the seller is fully engaged in the selling process.  A Home Staging Assessment can get them there.

For most sellers, their single, largest financial investment is their home and they need every penny from the sale to move on to their next home. Some know that home staging is the answer, but only 10% of home sellers are able to stage their own homes effectively.  Suite Effects understands this and not only offers Home Staging Assessments to get sellers well on their way to a beautifully staged home, but offers solutions for sellers who need a little more help.

At Suite Effects, we think that EVERY house deserves to be staged.

So, what did YOU decide?

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