Create a Memory
with a
“Holiday ‘Due”

"Holiday 'Due"??  Yes, fondue!  A silly play on words, but DO consider giving this a try.  If you've read “Home (Staging) for the Holidays ”, you may think that this staging idea doesn’t fit with our best practices for holiday décor.  But think about this … the week after Christmas is often vacation time and a chance for off-season buyers to do some house hunting.  Let's kick our staging up a notch with this "holiday 'due”.

Why?  Home staging is all about creating emotional connection points so that buyers get that special feeling about your home.  So, how the heck does a fondue pot make a buyer want to buy your house??  

Well, a fondue pot alone isn’t going to do it, but when a buyer thinks “oh, what a great space to throw a party”, you’ve elicited a positive feeling and created something memorable for your buyer.  It would be nice if your buyer remembered your home by some fabulous architectural feature, but we don’t all live in million dollar homes.  Sometimes we have to help them form a memory.  After viewing multiple homes in one day, your buyer is going to remember the fondue pot and how they felt in your house.  That’s a memory that could be just enough to lead that buyer to making an offer.

Let’s get to it.  Get out the fondue pot and create a vignette.  No fondue pot?  A beautiful ceramic chafing dish will do the trick.  Stack a few cocktail plates, maybe an ornament or two, and some napkins.  Vignettes ALWAYS look best with something “live” in them.  Tuck a few sprigs of rosemary in to give your vignette an organic pop.

Now … where to put it.  Think logically or you’ll lose the impact of the vignette.  Setting your creation on a TV tray in the living room is going to get you more jeers than cheers.  Is your kitchen island or peninsula perfect for entertaining?  Put your fondue vignette there.  You’ll be highlighting a great feature of your home.  Is your kitchen too small or just shaped wrong for hosting soirees?  No worries … set up your fondue vignette in the dining room/area on a sideboard or console table.  By connecting with the emotional side of your buyer, they will begin to feel that YOUR HOUSE could be THEIR HOME.

If your house is still on the market after the holidays, you may want to remove the vignette and go back to something less flamboyant; perhaps a tray with a pitcher and glasses or a beautiful beverage dispenser filled with lemons.  But until then, here’s to hoping buyers will be saying “remember that house with fondue pot”.

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