Seriously …
What IS Home Staging?

As I walked with my client through his home, recommending changes and improvements, he suddenly stopped me and said “I don’t get it … what is the staging part?”. I was aghast! Had I not explained the process well enough? I thought I had been crystal clear, but when you eat, drink, and sleep Home Staging, you forget that NOT EVERYONE understands exactly what Home Staging is.

​Anyone who has turned on HGTV probably has a good idea of what Home Staging is. Or do they? I’ve heard people say “It’s easy … I staged my own house.” But did they? Sometimes it's easier to understand “what it is” if we look at “what it’s not”.

​Home Staging is NOT:

Painting all your walls white or beige (although painting may be recommended).

Putting lipstick on a pig (Home Staging is not a replacement for necessary repairs).

Expensive renovations (nope … NEVER).

Decluttering and cleaning (sorry … this is only Phase 1).

Decorating (YOUR personal style is typically NOT BUYERS’ style).

Expensive furniture and accessory rentals (ONLY if needed and ONLY what fits in the budget).

Home Staging is the art of preparing a home for sale by a professionally trained and certified Home Stager.  The definition of Home Staging often stops after the word “sale” … this is why many sellers and realtors “think” that they can stage a home themselves.  Less than 10% of home sellers can view their property objectively and realtors don’t have the time or the trade resources to do it properly.  Fluffing a few pillows or hanging a picture isn’t going to go very far in helping you achieve your goal:  a quick sale for top dollar.

But once the repairs have been done, maybe a few improvements have been made, and you have scrubbed more floors than Cinderella, the “icing on the cake” needs to be done to draw buyers to your front door.

Let’s look at a simple example:

This is a Vacant Room and is NOT staging.

Nothing says “I have no purpose” like an empty room. Nope ... this isn't staging.

Oh, I get it. My purpose is to host a chair.

While this is a perfectly lovely chair, does it beckon you to sit a spell? Or ...

Does it feel cold ... like a museum piece that should only be gazed upon?

What do you see?  What do you feel?

I think Mama Bear was curled up with a good book when there was a knock at the door.

Would you want to be Goldilocks and cozy up here?

Home Staging is all about merchandising a home to highlight the features, detract from any negatives, and make buyers FEEL like this could be their home.  Buyers aren’t going to get that special feeling if you’ve overwhelmed them with too much furniture, the same décor that their Mom has had for two decades, paint that screams 1980, or any of the many faux pas that home sellers make.  Professional Home Stagers are experts at the placement of furnishings to draw the eye to where they want buyers to look.  This is what stirs that “I’m home” feeling.

So, let’s review.  Home Staging IS:

Best done by an objective, Professional Home Stager with the trade resources to be efficient and cost effective.

Transforming a PREPARED home with merchandising into a “marketable package” that appeals to a wide range of buyers.

​Once the “package” has been completed, the home is ready for those all-important Multiple Listing Service (MLS) photos.  Unstaged homes, including vacant homes, rarely photograph well … no matter how talented the photographer.  Since over 90% of home buyers are looking online first, you MUST have great (read professional) MLS photos.  If you can’t get buyers to the door, they will never see your beautiful home.

The days of putting homes on the market to see what happens are long gone, unless you don’t care about top dollar and a quick sale.  Before you even find a realtor, call a Professional Home Stager like Suite Effects and make sure that your most valuable asset is properly prepared for its real estate market.

"Seriously ... What IS Home Staging?"  I just found out!

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